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seems to make such a zigzag pattern ,, each wave is approx around 3-4% ...

so think , plan , decide and trade ....

Buy ...

we are back to GODREJCP again
8charts.in technical trade calls
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#techm #chartupdate
Now being watchful again on tech mahindra ....
we can start accumulating techm

Buy 50% of capital at current levels 960 rs
and then keep adding till 940 -930 rs ...
go for it

If you observe chart wasnt knowing about the second covid wave ....

Just follow price action religiously and you shall never go wrong ....

Check the chart earlier ( tagged as reply ) and check the current chart
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buy buy buy at cmp 941rs

explanation here
8charts.in technical trade calls
booking profits now #axisbank

traders who bought exit nd book profits at 699 rs

one thing to be noted here is this was suggested against bank nifty .
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m&m #mahindra & mahindra
buy at cmp 797 rs
target 950 rs
time 1 month
stoploss none ..
8charts.in technical trade calls
traders may book and exit at around cmp 285 ..

though the potential is still there .. but to sit on cash for next opportunity you can book profits before target prices too #rallis
Are you Currently into any trade suggested over this Channel ?
do you read and keep track regularly, of the scrips suggested over the channel?
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#priceaction series learning while earning


watchout for similar channelized price moves in the scrips you are active ..

when the downside is capped since several hours or days .. means sellers have exhausted

and if it is followed by a strong bullish candle as the latest candle here in this chart ... this is a sure shot candidate to watchout ....

this is just to make you note how to be watchful for a scrip ...escorts isnt my counter thus i wont be trading or giving trade recommendation in this .... ( we have an alternative Mahindra & Mahindra ) each sector one best player should be your scrip of trading / investing ....
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#priceaction learning while earning series

as we have always discussed and learnt via several posts over the channel

👉"Always wait for the trend break to be tested" , or in other words ...

👉"Majority of the times the trend break will reverse and retest itself" .

🤏Also the range narrowing , means exhaustion of sellers

👁Also look at the previous / past price candles there should be some relevance / reference to the price action
here is the example

again this is not a buy recommendation for traders for investors yes i am bullish on this
8charts.in technical trade calls

any trader's position on #raymond must be booked and exited

chart link for the next raymond move expectations
buy at cmp 1448 rs
target open
stoploss none
timeframe open

chart link :- https://tvc-invdn-com.akamaized.net/data/tvc_6dc447927a432baf8afc561b1561592b.png
this is not endorsement or promotion:-

You may try "chartink" website for querying the market .

Just a good recommendation ..

start with free version

once you are good with it , your just one trade can pay the quarterly charges of chartink subscription

You have YouTube videos as well regarding how to query the market using chartink just for reference ...

I recommend to make your own query according to your temperament

Best wishes Traders
-Anuj @anuj_8charts

EMPTY GODREJ CONSUMER if you have any .... sell at only buyer circuit ...
rs 787
accumulate #TECHM again ... buy and sleep